My Motto

There’s a saying I say to myself everyday that inspires me to get out and achieve all my goals and dreams:

Never grow old thinking “What If”, but instead “I did it!” or “At least I tried.”

I personally could not ever live with the thought of “What If” when I am old. I want to make sure I’ve lived my life to it’s fullest as I possibly could! And I whole heartedly believe that we all can as long as we continue to reach for it no matter what happens, work our butt’s off and make it happen!

The pictures below are of all the times I had prayed to God for something and He answered! To this day God has helped me achieve things in my life that I never thought would ever happen. I know we think God’s way too busy with other things that are happening around the world to care for my silly selfish requests… but NO that is not the case! He is head over heels in love with us and overly obsessed with every little thing about us that YES he does care to answer even our little silly dreams and prayers!

In highschool my cousin and I had the opportunity to meet Jensen Ackles! It was something we both always talked and dreamed of happening. When we found out they were filming close by, we took our chances in hopes to meet him and have our pictures taken with him! And yes, with our persistent hope and actions… WE DID!

Also when I was high school I wanted to work for magazines and create layouts and articles etc. And I had told God about it in prayer. Long story short, 5yrs later little did I know that through a friend I had met on instagram I would have the opportunity to volunteer writing articles for a really popular indian UK site! Not just that, I was given the opportunity to interview local and international celeb’s in the indian entertainment industry! Let’s take note on how I never went to school for any of this. Ever. But an opportunity came my way and I took it despite my lack of knowledge. By doing this I learned as I went. God did not give me my dreams exactly the way I asked… but it’s always best to keep in mind that however God gives and holds back is always for a good reason, He always has our best interest in heart. One of my big interviews was with Arjun, a R&B/Pop/Fusion artist. Because of my opportunity of interviewing him my boss rewarded me because of my hard with with a shoutout from Arjun himself! #HardWorkPays

Then in the summer of 2013 I was about to fall asleep when I prayed a simple prayer to god right before passing out “God, can I meet Dez Duron…” *ZzzZzzzZzz* – Well two days later I was scrolling through instagram until I saw a tweet the Dez Duron is in town! He was going to be at a church meeting some fans later that same day! I didn’t live so close to the location and it was an hour away… not to mention two buses to help me get there! But I knew in my heart that I saw that tweet for a reason… I had prayed to God two days earlier to meet him… and now he is here. My prayer IS answered… but it will depend on my actions and choices as to wether or not I get to meet him. So I looked at the close and only had an hour and 30min left! So I jumped up and got ready as fast as I could and tagged my little sister along and left to meet him! And it felt like I was dreaming the entire time! I couldn’t believe I was meeting him just two day later after praying to God for this! We met Dez and said “Hi” and took our pictures with him ^_^

As for the blurred picture… I can’t reveal who this is by name… but I was able to receive a shoutout from one of my favourite Pakistani singers! This is blurred because he doesn’t give shoutouts to anyone, so if I revealed their identity in the picture… i’d hate to be the reason his social accounts be filled with requests for a shoutout 😛

My motto is what drives me to do things and achieve goals everyday in my life. God and praying to God is also the main reason why they all come in to my life. The thing is, opportunities will always come… most of the time they arrive at unexpected times… key is to jump and grab them before they go away. It’s our job to always say yes no matter all the reasons you should say no. – Because if I had said no… a lot of the amazing things that have happened for me and continue to happen… would never be.

I hope this post was able to encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and not let yourself grow old and think “What If” , but instead “I did it!” or “Atleast I tried” … but NEVER “What If.”

Is there a motto, quote or saying that you live by? Comment below! I’d love to hear all about it! 🙂



Dez Duron:

Feeling Good :


We Can Do It!

My sister and I being the creative, amazing us that we are had the bright idea of dressing our mom up as Rosie from the “We Can Do It” poster. We were quite surprised that she even agreed to let us dress her up! In the end we took pictures of her copying Rosie’s pose and they turned out so great!


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.06.49 PM

Quoted: R.M Drake

Being on instagram I can say that there’s a lot of quotes and poetry that get posted and shared on the explore feed.

One of my favourite poets/author on instagram is R.M Drake ( @rmdrk ), whose writing I completely love!

So for this creative project life layout I decided to take a black and white picture of me, paste it ontop of black cardstock paper, and take one of his pieces of writings that I feel describes me best, and typed it out in the “American Typewriter” font.

After I printed out the writing and cut them up into pieces and laid them over the picture of me.

I was going to add more to the layout but decided to stick with keeping it simple… because I think it gives it a bit of an eery haunting feeling.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.06.08 PM.png


My Dream House Flip Book!

I’ve decided to make a creative “All About Me” Project Life binder. In this binder I’ve planned to create pages that shares things about me that my friends or family may or may not know. So as my first little project I decided to create a little flip book that helps me capture what my dream house looks like from various home pictures found on Pinterest!

I created the layout using Microsoft Word and inserted a shape to create the pink background. The font I used for the heading of each page is called “Bakery.”

The flip through of the book can be viewed on my instagram by cicking here . See you there!